Friday, February 22, 2013 I my job....
I'm a waitress so as you might imagine...Fridays are rather exciting for restaurants....
Today was no different.

I honestly do NOT like working Fridays, not because I have plans...(lets be honest here..I never have plans). but because my boss acts as head chef of Fridays.
Working with your boss is always terrible

but on Fridays, when its so busy you can't hardly stand it and you mess up an order...and have to clean the ice cream station while he is standing at the cash register...its especially difficult.

Oh, and did mention its just fantastic that your are cashing someone out and you mark the bill (to make sure its not counterfeit) and GUESS WHAT


Its a counterfeit 100 dollar bill. Of course it would be me that gets it. Gahhhhhh.

Luckily though....

it was legit, as in not counterfeit. I didn't have to call the police.

Sometimes I wonder why these things happen to me and then I remember, I have naturally bad luck.
I cant even begin to count the number of bad things that have happened to me...but that's for another blog post..maybe tomorrow, it is Saturday after all and Ill have more time to write.
But for now...later!

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