Monday, February 25, 2013

I honestly just constantly whine on this for my readers: so sorry.

I believe with my whole heart that there is one perfect person out there for everyone.  The problem do you know?

This is how I knew:
When I'm with him, everything may not go right...but everything feels right.
From the touch of his hand to the taste of his lips, its right.

My boyfriend just told me he didn't know if he still loves me like he used to...i have no idea what to do, think, or say. He is seriously all i think about.  id do anything for this boy.

why don't i get that in return? what am i doing wrong...

Friday, February 22, 2013 I my job....
I'm a waitress so as you might imagine...Fridays are rather exciting for restaurants....
Today was no different.

I honestly do NOT like working Fridays, not because I have plans...(lets be honest here..I never have plans). but because my boss acts as head chef of Fridays.
Working with your boss is always terrible

but on Fridays, when its so busy you can't hardly stand it and you mess up an order...and have to clean the ice cream station while he is standing at the cash register...its especially difficult.

Oh, and did mention its just fantastic that your are cashing someone out and you mark the bill (to make sure its not counterfeit) and GUESS WHAT


Its a counterfeit 100 dollar bill. Of course it would be me that gets it. Gahhhhhh.

Luckily though....

it was legit, as in not counterfeit. I didn't have to call the police.

Sometimes I wonder why these things happen to me and then I remember, I have naturally bad luck.
I cant even begin to count the number of bad things that have happened to me...but that's for another blog post..maybe tomorrow, it is Saturday after all and Ill have more time to write.
But for now...later!

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Today I'm a little annoyed.  I didn't attend school today and I wish i would have.
As far as I know, they suspended one of the greatest teachers I've ever had.
Let me tell you why...

He did something really devilish....

That's right, a Harlem shake video.
In my opinion, this is absolutely 100% ridiculous. No one was forced into doing this, in fact in part of the video you see a kid just sitting in his desk reading because he didn't want to participate. All
suspending one of our favorite teachers did was create an uprising amongst our student body.

this will not be the end. You're not punishing the teacher, you're punishing the students.


Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Ranting...excuse me.

In September (haven't posted for awhile so bare with me) i started a waitress job at a resturahnt in my town.  I was a bit skeptical about it at first because most of the girls seemed like they knew who each other were and they really were not ready to accept people into their own group. I have been lucky enough to really get to know these girls and become good friends with them however, now there is a new girl (one of the former dishwashers) and she doesn't do ANYTHING. Ive always been raised to do the work that is put in front of me and do it 110%. so i guess this rant is for parents who refuse to teach their children good work qualities.  your children will me working the rest of their life. Teach them to do it right so that their co-workers aren't forced into doing all the work.
Excuse the rant , I promise I really am a nice person! I've just had it with the laziness of the people around me. 

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Shamrock Shakes...YUM

Shamrock Shakes...I have a major addiction to them! They are so so so so good. I can't help but love their mintyness. I really don't understand why McDonald's doesn't just sell them year round!

My love affair with Shamrock Shakes began three days ago. My boyfriend (he may come up a lot in my blog) told me he was going to McDonald's to get one of these great things...and he did make it sound great. So I decided I would try one.

I wasn't prepared for the burst of vanilla and mint in my mouth! It was so delicious. I recommend them to anyone who is willing to come out of their comfort zones and try one!!!

Sunday, February 19, 2012

2-19-2012 High Expectations or Low Expectations

What's better; having high expectations or having low expectations?

My life, as well as other peoples lives I'm sure, has been filled with disappointment. It happens, sure. But my family's motto has always been "Hope for the best, expect the worst." I know it may be a bad way to look at things, but I think that it is better to have low expectations because then, if something works out for you then you're extra happy about it. But, if that something doesn't happen for you, then it isn't a big deal because you had low expectations and ecpected it to not work out. For example, every Sunday I am supposed to get a call from my boyfriend (we're too busy, well he is, to talk daily). But it seems like every single Sunday something just happens to come up, and it used to really bug me (and, if I'm being honest, it still kind of does) but lately, when I ask him if this call is going to happen, I just expect him to have something come up and then I am not disappointed.
However, even though I currently think having low expectaions is better that having high ones, I eventually would like to change my way of thinking to a more positive one. Even if it may take awhile...
Anyway, tell me what you think about this question...appropriate answers only please.

My Very First Blog, yikes.

I've never done a blog before, but I figured it couldn't hurt to try one, right?
I plan on using this blog to unwind, and hopefully, give a few people some laughs (if anyone even reads my blog).